Top Indian Legal Firms Are in Limelight Global Jurix Law Firm India

Top Indian Legal Firms Are in Limelight Global Jurix Law Firm India

India has a vibrant law community with some very fine law firms doing business of great worth. Many law firms India are as good as the leading firms abroad. The law firms in India have been well recognized internationally for their quality based and ethical services.

A prominent Delhi-based, very famous and successful firm of India has done key projects in the power sector of Madhya Pradesh, whose development will be under the wings of a well renowned Indian business tycoon. It has performed exceedingly in the capital markets and it had in past represented MNCs depositary receipts issue and been an active part of Oil India in its 580 million dollars IPO. The firm, with its other appreciable work, has been has been valued for providing quality service to its clients, value addition and quick turnaround. An interesting fact about a prominent law firm is that it had converted the downturn as an opportunity to give a new avatar to itself. It followed a lockstep partnership model was which enabled salaried partners to take a stake in the firm’s equity.

Some law firms in India have also been involved as being legal advisers on National Hydroelectric Power Corporation’s projects. A firm in the recent past had worked on resolving a high profile IT firm case in South India and helped in its acquisition with another firm. This case a whole lot of national and international business media circles. Indian law firms are also doing some commendable business with infrastructure and finance expertise and they are known for his skills in handling difficult cross-border mergers and acquisitions. The law offices in India have been praised for outstanding legal work over their years of its existence. The law firms in Southern states of India are popularly hired by the MNCs and one of the firms there created ripples in the circle by creating one the largest law practice in south India. It also ventured into tax practice too under an eminent leadership.

Many law firm iIndia are successfully fighting trademark cases too. The trademarked product is legally covered in case of an infringement on trademark rights of a particular company. The offender can be sued under the relevant laws. In India there are trade mark cases a plenty and law firms are often than not busy dealing with cases related to trademarks. Many firms specialize in this work and offer their client some very fine services. The flaw firms doing well are also having some great legal personnel’s on their panels. There are some firms which are known for giving class services and some of them boast of a long list of foreign clientele. Their services are quite ethical work in a in a highly professional way with a business-oriented approach.As more and more sectors are inviting foreign investments, some are of the opinions that foreign law firms should be allowed to doing business in india. Recently there had been many deliberations in India on whether to allow foreign firms in the country or not. Decision on this issue remains pending.

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