The Law of Attraction â____ Life skills & You – Part Two (2)

The Law of Attraction â____ Life skills & You – Part Two (2)

In part One (1) to this two part article I spoke about a number of things that impact on our lives and so I’m going to repeat a little of what I spoke about again for those who may have missed this fist article.

In studying the Law of Attraction I have become very aware of the need for Life Skills. We need life skills that help us through the weekly grind of society if we are to be survivors. What are Life Skills and Why do I need them I hear you ask?. With the Law of Attraction we need to be in control of our life skills, our thoughts and action if we are to manifest that which the law of attraction is capable of manifesting for us.

This control is built up by us using Life Skills that we derive form or social environment, our learning and from our experiences from living day to day. Most of the learning takes place without our even being aware of it, apart from time spent at school. However this doesn’t prepare us for all that will challenge us during our lifetime. We need to develop our relationship with the universal laws and the law of attraction if we are to hold our sanity, so lets then look at our world around us and our Life Skills.

How many times in your life do you want to quit? How many times in your life do you simple wants to just give up? Or even worst, give up your life…

We all do it, or want to do it at some point. Giving up, quitting, it is such an easy emotion to accept at times. You know it, that “It’s just too hard” statement. We all experience it, hear our friends talk about and watch it happening in our workplace in the sports teams we interact with as a player or as a spectator.

So, you ask, “What do I do to not give up, and what do I do to keep going?”

Simple! Develop the Life Skills., The skills that will allow you to not only get through life, but to enjoy each and every minute, hour, day, week, month and the those beautiful years. It sound like a sales pitch doesn’t it? Well yes it is, because unless YOU DO IT no won else is going to do it for you because they can’t. Life skill development starts and ends with you.

The first and most important life skill that we covered in Part One(1) was to SMILE that’s it just smile.

At the end of the first of this two part article I gave the biggest reason you have to smile. The one thing in life that is yours forever. The greatest race you will ever run and the race that you where the million to one winner despite all that mother nature did to prevent it.

I want to in this second part of this article on Life Skills, You and The Law of Attraction, to build on the from this motivational event in your life and deal with;

Motivation Within Yourself

Motivation, is such a common word now a days, it’s such an overused term. We all know people who attended a motivational course either through work or personal development programs. The day after they are fire breathing go getters, but after a month they are back to their normal self showing that it didn’t actually work! If you were to ask me about how effective motivational courses were when I first started attending personal development seminars etc, I would have agreed with you on their value. But today, I’ve realize and discovered that this is further from the truth.

When I talk about Motivation training, I do not mean doing all the yelling, jumping, walking on the fire, feeling the ‘high’ that you get from most motivational seminars. They are the reason why most people were back to their old self and habits in just weeks after the ‘motivational’ seminar. You cannot sustain that level of hype brought about by settings, lighting and actions of others around you. What I’m talking about is Internal Motivation. The really hard stuff that only you can do for your self.


What motivate you? What moves you? What excites you? What stir the emotions in you that make you develop ‘goose bumps’? What’s keeps you enthusiastic?

For most people who want to become motivated it must start in part with a reality check. You need to sit somewhere quite and reflect on your life. Importantly you need to write down the points you think about, the good, the bad and those you want to forget. While your writing down these points try to write down how your emotions /senses responded to the situation. If you are a normal person the bad points will outnumber the good 7-10 time to the 1 good point. But that how it is right now. You should have about a page of hand written points and emotions for each year of your life if you are putting your mind to it. You have to search the memory and pull up those buried conflicts and feelings. So take your time, do it in three or four sessions, but do it.

Putting aside the good points for the moment, look at each of the bad days, review in your mind what was the issue, how was it handled and what did you learn/gain from the experience. You will always gain a positive, if only to not have it happen again. In not letting it happen again you will have taken steps to avoid it, redirect it, to control it, so that control is in your hands in the future and that my friend is motivation within yourself, your life skill. A unknown quotation I have used for several years puts all of this into perspective and goes like this;

“My Success In Life Is Completely Determined By My Ability To Stay Focused, Motivated And To Stay Enthusiastic Toward An Uncommon Goal.”

If you notice, the key words here are, Stay Focus, Stay Motivated, Stay Enthusiastic, to an Uncommon Goal. This statement in fact comes from non other than, Mike Murdock. If you do not recognize the name do a Google search it’s worth the effort. Move your self to that uncommon goal, the ones that are yours. Remember it is our inner beliefs that is the foundation of all of our successes.

So, if you want to continue to enjoy life use these to key Life Skills, Smile and develop the Motivate within You. Combined with the Law of Attraction you will manifest all that you seek. Remain humble, think about the other person, give of your self and you will receive an abundance, which is far more than you give.

Ken Triat has a master’s degree in Business Administration. Currently reviewing personal development centered around the power of the mind using the Law of Attraction.

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