San Bernardino DUI Lawyers

San Bernardino DUI Lawyers

When arrested for DUI offence, the best person that you need to call is your San Bernardino DUI lawyer. A common mistake made by a majority of persons arrested for driving under the influence is to admit their guilt. Do this at your own peril. DUI charges are grave and the judge or jury you are likely to appear before will not give you two cent thoughts even if this was your first offence. Charges on DUI may vary from state and depending on whether you caused vehicular accident that resulted in injuries or fatalities. Never at one point should you fall for the old trick in the book for a plea bargain. Any legal advice should only come from your San Bernardino DUI lawyer.

There are several advantages that you stand to gain by hiring a DUI lawyer than deciding to go solo on the case. For instance:

If the arresting officer trampled on your rights when making the arrest or carrying out sobriety test, only your lawyer can be able to identify such faults. This if argued well by your DUI lawyer, chances of your case being thrown out are high.

You need to know that the burden of proof in your DUI case lies on the breathalyzer and the sobriety tests carried. Foremost, your DUI lawyer will want to know the effectiveness of the breathalyzer used. If it is poorly maintained, there are the chances it may not work properly. In addition, when carrying the sobriety test, your lawyer will want to know the conditions of the surroundings at that particular time. If there were oncoming traffic lights, it may have interfered with your visibility. If there it was windy or rainy chances you would not have passed even if you were sober. Such holes can only be poked by an experienced San Bernardino DUI lawyer.

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