Get Over The Fear Of Rejection – Tips For Men

If you have been rejected more than a few times you know that something creeps over you that tells you to get bitter and stop trying because it tells you that you will never get the woman of your dreams. Your job is to silence this voice with these few tips on how to get over the fear of rejection and have a robust dating life.

1. It is not about you

It is possible to get over this fear of rejection once you realize that it is not about you but about the other person. You will feel the fear but do it anyway and not let this fear stop you from approaching a woman.

2. Forget Yesterday

When you see a woman that catches your eye, make your move immediately and do not give into any of the negative thoughts that you will be rejected because you have been rejected in the past. Just simply walk up to the woman and introduce yourself, and offer to buy her a drink. If she agrees, great. If she rejects you, move on to the next.

This technique is mainly effective because when you react without thinking, you give your mind zero chance to come up with reasons why you should not go for it. Live in the power of now.

3. Eye on the Prize

Keep your eye on the prize which is finding the woman of your dreams. This will help you block out all negative thoughts that would otherwise hinder your self confidence and lead to low self esteem. Men that are successful with women understand the concept that how they feel inside is portrayed on the outside. Other people will be able to sense your insecurity which has the effect of pushing people away.

4. You never know unless you try

No man is ever successful all the time so do not take your failures to heart. Get out there and start mingling.

Allowing the fear of rejection to cripple your dating life will not get you anywhere.

Alignment Tips For Manifesting Money

The purpose of this article is to provide you with several ways in which you can get yourself into alignment with manifesting more money.

The first thing you need to do is realize that to manifest more money, you must feel abundant already. If you feel poor, miserable and penniless then that is what you?ll attract more of.

Feeling happy and abundant isn?t hard work at all. In fact its lot?s of fun and really very easy. It just so happens that most people have practised being miserable, poor and penniless for such a long time that it has become habitual for them.

How does having more money make you feel?


Whatever it makes you feel, that is the feeling we need to go after in order to manifest more money into your life. After all, if money makes you happy, then if we feel happy NOW, then you?ll already be in alignment with money and therefore manifestation can take place.

What can you do NOW, to make you feel happy?

Watch a funny film?
Go see your happy friend?
Take a walk in the forest?
Read a book?
Speak to your boyfriend/girlfriend?
Take a day off work?
Eat a pizza?

The above is now your work. If you want more money, and happiness is what you will feel when you get more money, then happiness is the feeling you must go after in every possible moment so that you?re in alignment with your desire.

It really is that simple.

Do whatever is necessary to get yourself there.
Abundance is your birth right.

The Law of Attraction â____ Life skills & You – Part Two (2)

In part One (1) to this two part article I spoke about a number of things that impact on our lives and so I’m going to repeat a little of what I spoke about again for those who may have missed this fist article.

In studying the Law of Attraction I have become very aware of the need for Life Skills. We need life skills that help us through the weekly grind of society if we are to be survivors. What are Life Skills and Why do I need them I hear you ask?. With the Law of Attraction we need to be in control of our life skills, our thoughts and action if we are to manifest that which the law of attraction is capable of manifesting for us.

This control is built up by us using Life Skills that we derive form or social environment, our learning and from our experiences from living day to day. Most of the learning takes place without our even being aware of it, apart from time spent at school. However this doesn’t prepare us for all that will challenge us during our lifetime. We need to develop our relationship with the universal laws and the law of attraction if we are to hold our sanity, so lets then look at our world around us and our Life Skills.

How many times in your life do you want to quit? How many times in your life do you simple wants to just give up? Or even worst, give up your life…

We all do it, or want to do it at some point. Giving up, quitting, it is such an easy emotion to accept at times. You know it, that “It’s just too hard” statement. We all experience it, hear our friends talk about and watch it happening in our workplace in the sports teams we interact with as a player or as a spectator.

So, you ask, “What do I do to not give up, and what do I do to keep going?”

Simple! Develop the Life Skills., The skills that will allow you to not only get through life, but to enjoy each and every minute, hour, day, week, month and the those beautiful years. It sound like a sales pitch doesn’t it? Well yes it is, because unless YOU DO IT no won else is going to do it for you because they can’t. Life skill development starts and ends with you.

The first and most important life skill that we covered in Part One(1) was to SMILE that’s it just smile.

At the end of the first of this two part article I gave the biggest reason you have to smile. The one thing in life that is yours forever. The greatest race you will ever run and the race that you where the million to one winner despite all that mother nature did to prevent it.

I want to in this second part of this article on Life Skills, You and The Law of Attraction, to build on the from this motivational event in your life and deal with;

Motivation Within Yourself

Motivation, is such a common word now a days, it’s such an overused term. We all know people who attended a motivational course either through work or personal development programs. The day after they are fire breathing go getters, but after a month they are back to their normal self showing that it didn’t actually work! If you were to ask me about how effective motivational courses were when I first started attending personal development seminars etc, I would have agreed with you on their value. But today, I’ve realize and discovered that this is further from the truth.

When I talk about Motivation training, I do not mean doing all the yelling, jumping, walking on the fire, feeling the ‘high’ that you get from most motivational seminars. They are the reason why most people were back to their old self and habits in just weeks after the ‘motivational’ seminar. You cannot sustain that level of hype brought about by settings, lighting and actions of others around you. What I’m talking about is Internal Motivation. The really hard stuff that only you can do for your self.


What motivate you? What moves you? What excites you? What stir the emotions in you that make you develop ‘goose bumps’? What’s keeps you enthusiastic?

For most people who want to become motivated it must start in part with a reality check. You need to sit somewhere quite and reflect on your life. Importantly you need to write down the points you think about, the good, the bad and those you want to forget. While your writing down these points try to write down how your emotions /senses responded to the situation. If you are a normal person the bad points will outnumber the good 7-10 time to the 1 good point. But that how it is right now. You should have about a page of hand written points and emotions for each year of your life if you are putting your mind to it. You have to search the memory and pull up those buried conflicts and feelings. So take your time, do it in three or four sessions, but do it.

Putting aside the good points for the moment, look at each of the bad days, review in your mind what was the issue, how was it handled and what did you learn/gain from the experience. You will always gain a positive, if only to not have it happen again. In not letting it happen again you will have taken steps to avoid it, redirect it, to control it, so that control is in your hands in the future and that my friend is motivation within yourself, your life skill. A unknown quotation I have used for several years puts all of this into perspective and goes like this;

“My Success In Life Is Completely Determined By My Ability To Stay Focused, Motivated And To Stay Enthusiastic Toward An Uncommon Goal.”

If you notice, the key words here are, Stay Focus, Stay Motivated, Stay Enthusiastic, to an Uncommon Goal. This statement in fact comes from non other than, Mike Murdock. If you do not recognize the name do a Google search it’s worth the effort. Move your self to that uncommon goal, the ones that are yours. Remember it is our inner beliefs that is the foundation of all of our successes.

So, if you want to continue to enjoy life use these to key Life Skills, Smile and develop the Motivate within You. Combined with the Law of Attraction you will manifest all that you seek. Remain humble, think about the other person, give of your self and you will receive an abundance, which is far more than you give.

Ken Triat has a master’s degree in Business Administration. Currently reviewing personal development centered around the power of the mind using the Law of Attraction.

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Patent A Legal Definition

One of the difficult words that are hard to explain is legal definition. When it comes to legal terms, not all people will understand what it is all about. The word patent has a legal definition which is defined as the right approved for a person or a group which allows the recipient the capability to avoid others from selling, using or making the development explained commonly in replace for royalty payments.

Patent has three major categories and these are plant, design and utility patents. When talking about plant patents, this is a kind of plant that may be replicated by cuttings and grafts. Take note that rights associated to the plant’s genetic engineering are generally measured as utility rights. Utility rights are copyrights on developments which operate in a new way or to give a new outcome.

This is definitely the most well-known category of rights and is what individuals typically mean when they simply say the word patent. On the other hand, design rights, as its name denotes, is a right on the artistic design or decoration of something that already exists. This is approved when the design in query does not alter the practicality of the object. It also provides a new appearance.

This legal definition simply provides the proprietor grounds to avoid violation through legal means. By itself, a right cannot prevent somebody from building or utilizing an invention. Moreover, it is also provides the proprietor of the rights to take the individual to court if they carry out.

This has a relatively standard format and the top of the rights include the name of the creator, the individual to whom the rights may be allocated, the number of patent, the date of wherein the application of rights are filed, the date it was issued, the course and sub-course under which the rights were categorized and lastly the course the inspector looked when determining if the development is new.

The genuine essence of a copyright involves of a very short summary of the creation, the description and the claims which is lawfully resolve precisely what the copyright covers and what it does not. It description may consist many parts, such as a section entitled the Background of the Invention, Field of the Invention, Brief Description of the Drawings, Summary of the Invention and the Detailed Description. Lastly, almost the top of the copyright, you will also observe suggestions to other rights, and sometimes some of it is not other copyrights.

Legal Definition may be hard to understand but in the business world, it is widely used in every transaction they made. If you want to know more about this article, kindly go to

Selecting The Best Lawyer For Your Legal Case

When a person faces potential legal problems, it is crucial to find a law firm near you. Though, searching the top law firm is not an easy task. Finding the best legal lawyer will require a little effort. Realizing what to look for and which questions to inquire might assist narrow down your choices.

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Irvine DUI Lawyer

A majority of people consider DUI charges grave and would rather preferred other types of petty case charges but DUI. Judges and juries tend to have fewer sympathies even for first time offenders. This is because of the cases of auto accident injuries and deaths that rise from drunken driving. It is important to note that despite the gravity of the case that is facing you, having Irvine DUI lawyer will help your course. It is within your rights even if you are guilty to have a lawyer. As such, the prosecuting officer needs not to persuade you to take a plea bargain without your lawyer being present.

First and foremost, you are regarded innocent until proven otherwise by a court of law. Therefore, before then you need a lawyer will help poke as many holes on the charge sheet as possible. There are a number of reputable law firms in Irvine that specialise in DUI cases and have assisted thousands of its clients reduce the charges before them or have the cases thrown out due to legal technicalities.

Unknown to some people is that the burden of proof lies in the effectiveness of the breathalyzer utilised. The Irvine lawyer that you choose to use will be able to assess whether there is proper maintenance carried out on the device. In addition, when the sobriety test was being carried out, he/ she will be able to determine whether the weather conditions and other elements such as oncoming traffic lights played a role on the sobriety test outcome.

Nevertheless, before making a decision on who to represent you, there are several factors you need to keep in mind to ensure that the person your select has what it takes to represent you.

The lawyer needs to have the much needed expertise and experience needed to handle the case. This can only be accomplished if the person handled several other similar cases as yours in the past five years.

The Best Legal Advice Relating to Mesothelioma Compensation

During sickness it is unlikely that the patient himself or anyone relating to him would find big, thick books of law, flounder through them and then seek appropriate legal advice. Because the whole idea itself looks absurd when it is contemplated or put into effect. So, especially when someone is affected with a disease like mesothelioma, then sooner or later mesothelioma lawsuits become inevitable to claim the compensation. In this earth very few people or organization probably would themselves provide rightful compensation to the victims of their unjust doings, unless compelled by a competent court of law. If they would be so careful and merciful, probably this earth would be a different place to live. Anyway as we all know it just does not work that way, then we have no choice but file mesothelioma lawsuits, in a real situation. But, before proceeding further, it is good to know what exactly mesothelioma is, how it is caused, or from which it may result in. The very word Mesothelioma is derived from the word mesothelium. It is a membrane like thing which covers and protects most of the internal organs of the body.

It is composed of two layers of cells. One layer immediately surrounds the organ, the other forms a sac around it. The mesothelium produces a lubricating fluid that is released between these layers, allowing moving organs to move easily without getting corrosion wound. As example, heart beats against the wall of chest. The mesothelium protects it from any corrosion or friction effect. Now in straight meaning mesothelioma is the cancer of mesothelium. In such case the cells, as in all other cancer, divide and expand abnormally and indiscriminately. Thus, it affects all other near by organs and cause severe internal injury. The consequence is also common as in case of other cancer, patient sooner or later dies. The compensation for mesothelioma can be claimed by the victim, any keen relative in case the victim dies, or any other person having legal interest in inheriting the property of the deceased. Even if some one gets affected with mesothelioma from the victim, though it is not contagious, can seek compensation.

Here arises the necessity to find an asbestos lawyer mesothelioma for mesothelioma lawsuits. Normally, mesothelioma is caused due to prolong exposure to asbestos and it is rampant among the workers working in asbestos industries, so to conduct a mesothelioma lawsuit, only an asbestos lawyer mesothelioma can bring in fruitful result. Now to have access to an asbestos lawyer mesothelioma many ways can be taken. Like, the yellow pages can be tried, a phone directory often gives out such names in and around the locality of the victim. Yet, it is probably the best way to search internet to find a suitable and capable asbestos lawyer mesothelioma who would conduct the mesothelioma lawsuit only for winning. Winning mesothelioma lawsuit result in huge compensation, which sometimes reaches million dollars. Moreover, the asbestos lawyer mesothelioma usually work on a no compensation- no fees basis, so the litigant also does not need to worry so much about managing the fees.

Punishing Cyber Bullying

Not too long ago, a child could find refuge at home. Despite being made fun of at school for one reason or another, or not having anyone to play with at recess, a kid could go home at the end of the day to a family who accepted and loved him. Home was a safe place free from the other children who made fun of him. The bullies in the class would have to make an extra effort to bully outside of school. They had to pick up the phone, without their own parents being aware, and dial their target’s house for a prank call, or find a way to physically travel to their target’s home to ding-dong-ditch, or play some other prank without being seen in the neighborhood.

Social media has slowly crept into younger and younger generations’ lives in the past decade. Teens joined MySpace and instant messaged with friends, which allowed them to connect with friends virtually and outside of school. While this gave the opportunity to develop friendships without having to physically be in the same room as a friend, it also opened the door to advanced bullying. When Facebook became available to the general public and not just those in university, it took off. High scholars and middle scholars created accounts and added their classmates to their friend lists. Bullies were given the ticket to anonymity and invisibility.

In the virtual world, it is often difficult to judge a person’s reaction and tone. The comment could be intended to be sarcastic, but when just reading it off the screen, could be interpreted as serious. Feelings are easily hurt and arguments take off because of minor misunderstanding. In grade-school children, it is far too easy to post about a classmate and never fully understand how the post made them feel. Reactions are made and things are typed and sent before thinking of what they typed emotionally means. Kids will say things they would never say to someone’s face because they don’t see the tears, anger, or upset facial expressions of their peers when the interaction is online.

School administrations have to decide how to address this new type of bullying. In Massachusetts, schools have given police the reigns for how bullying should be punished all together. (See: ) Criminalizing bullying makes a huge impact in the lives of children. It is far too easy, especially with kids who are still learning about human relations, to make hurtful comments online. This could go on for a long time before a parent or teacher finds out. By then, it is too late. Someone has gotten hurt or the bullying has gone too far, requiring police involvement. What used to be punishable with a week of detention or suspension from school now has legal consequences.

When we think of children convicted of crimes, we imagine a juvenile detention center full of uncontrollable young adults who are at their last resort of restraint. Do we really want to group a child, who is perhaps the victim of bullying himself, who has bullied a classmate in the same category as a child who killed another? Massachusetts says yes, make them criminals. Don’t give them the benefit of the doubt anymore by allowing school authorities to handle the situation, send them straight to the police.

While the victims of bullies are often traumatized by the taunts they face, the bully will be equally traumatized in being accused of a crime. An attorney must be hired putting financial strain on the family, court appearances require missing work and school, gossip in the school about the case will leave the child will be stigmatized. All of these are things anyone accused of a crime will go through. The difference is an adult accused of a crime has developed emotionally and is supposed to know what is acceptable to society and they are able to cope more than a child in the same situation would. So why does Massachusetts suddenly think it is ok to treat a mistake as a crime? One student committed suicide and the legislature responded, dramatically. While these students certainly did take their bulling too far, should they really be the ones responsible for the death of their classmate?

Cyber Stalking Facts

Cyberstalking is a recent form of criminal behavior involving persistent threats or unwanted attention using the Internet and other means of computer communications.

With more and more people going “online,” the opportunity to target someone on the Internet is becoming limitless. Cyberstalkers visit chat rooms, discussion forums or message boards in search of victims. The range of cyberstalking can range from aggressive and hostile email, chat room bullying, leaving abusing messages in guest books to sending e-viruses, tracing a victim’s computer and identity theft.

Like regular stalkers, cyberstalkers want to intimidate and control their victims. Cyberstalkers do it with the use of the Internet. The Internet can be used to trace the victim’s real name and address. For instance, it is remarkably easy to find out what party a victim is planning to attend and when by checking the information on a site such as Facebook.

The use of technology makes locating a victim easier than ever before. Anyone can type in certain key words into the computer which will bring up a myriad of internet datafurnishing companies that supply private records and information online, either free or for a nominal fee. The internet can do what private detectives of the past only dreamed of doing.

States are attempting to deal with this new form of criminal behavior. Early in 2009, the state of California enacted a set of new stalking laws. These laws make it a misdemeanor to publish information on the Internet which describes a teacher or his or her family or mentions where the teacher lives with the intent of having another person commit a crime against that teacher. The penalty is up to one year in prison and/or a $1,000 fine. This law can also be invoked to protect people other than teachers against cyber-threats. It is now considered a misdemeanor in California to place any person in fear of his or her safety by means of Internet threats and threats using cell phones, PDAs, video recorders or pagers.

Several cases of cyberstalking have been prosecuted under California’s new cyberstalking laws. In the state’s very first case, the state prosecuted a man who used the internet to impersonate his victim, a young woman who’d spurned his attentions. Pretending to be the victim, the man posted her phone number and address and stated that she had rape fantasies she wanted fulfilled. Strange men started to show up at the victim’s apartment ready to rape her and became angry when she refused. The cyberstalker was sentenced to six years in prison.

In another case, a graduate student from the University of San Diego cyberstalked five female students for a year. He sent hundreds of threatening emails. The graduate student was arrested and sentenced to six years in prison. He told police the women were ridiculing him. The victims, in fact, had never met this man.

Prior to California’s anti-cyberstalking laws, the crime was difficult to prosecute. Deidre Des Jardins, a student at UC-Santa Cruz, started getting violet emails from her ex-boyfriend. Some threats were directed at her, others dealt with violence in general. Local law enforcement agents were unable to do anything since the act of cyberstalking had not been clearly defined as a crime. The campus police, also, were unable to act, even though the threatening emails continued for several years. Deidre was told that since some of the messages dealt with violence in general and not specifically with her, it didn’t fit the definition of cyberstalking. Her ex-boyfriend was never arrested.

Cyberstalking can evolve into real-life stalking where the victim is harassed by excessive telephone calls, vandalism, trespassing and even physical assault.

Some cyberstalkers know their victims. Others have some kind of imaginary connection to the ones they stalk. It is not unusual for a celebrity cyberstalker to become violent when his fantasy is threatened. In a recent news story, a cyberstalker sent cyberthreats to a Knox County state’s attorney because the stalker believed that the state’s attorney was interfering in his relationship with model Cheryl Tiegs. The cyberstalker was obsessed with Tiegs and had been stalking her for years. She had never met him. The relationship existed in the cyberstalker’s mind only.

Cyberstalking is a real threat. Due to limited laws, the only real defense to use caution when revealing personal information on the Internet. The less, the better.