It’s All In The Perception: The Law Of Attraction

Lee and I have been asked many questions regarding how to apply the law of attraction in everyday life. One of the keys we feel is vital to achieving what you desire through the law of attraction is perception. Here is an example:

Imagine for a moment that you see a woman across the street running from a man. He is extremely angry and the woman appears visibly frightened. Upon a closer look you notice that the woman has something in her hand but you can?t quite make it out. The man is wearing a collared shirt and jeans, and is catching up to the woman.

What does this scenario tell you? What is your perception of the situation?

This actually was witnessed by a friend of mine, and she told me what really happened.

My friend described her perception. She believed initially that the woman was running from a man who was trying to hurt her. Being a woman herself she felt helpless. However, she did manage to get an excellent description of chaser. When she arrived at the police station, the man doing the chasing was already there, and much to her surprise, she noticed that the woman was there, too. In handcuffs!

The woman, it turned out, had stolen the guy?s wallet and he was chasing her in an attempt to get it back.

I?m sure most of us would have assumed what my friend had; it was her honest perception based on the facts at hand. But, were they facts? Or were they prejudged perceptions based on her predetermined fears as a woman who would, herself, feel helpless or in danger should she have found herself the target of someone chasing her.

How many perceptions do you find yourself making when observing another’s situation each day? Making a wrong perception about another person’s life can (and usually does) create havoc in applying the law of attraction for attaining what you desire. Another byproduct of negative perception is the judgment of another’s life style through your own prism. You may not even realize that this is what is happening, but it is a very real and common occurrence, and you’ll want to keep yourself in check.

How many times have you been out in public and seen a mother with a screaming child; one whom she does nothing to calm or correct? And how many times have you thought, through your own eyes, that you knew exactly what was going on in a particular situation? Perhaps you dismissed the child as a brat, or maybe assumed that the mom was simply lazy for not doing a thing to coax her child to be quiet? In fact the truth of the situation was that the child had just been told “no” and the mom was using a little tough love by ignoring the tantrum.

How many times have you seen someone arrive late for work and didn’t seem to exhibit the least bit of concern that they were late, then proceeded to go about their business? Is it possible that you might have assumed through your own perception that your co-worker was not an exemplary employee because of his apparent non-caring workplace attitude? Proof that your perception was misguided is that you didn?t realize he had returned to work after pulling an all-nighter at the hospital, caring for his ailing wife.

These are perceptions that every one of us makes daily. When we assume that we know what is happening in another’s life without truly knowing, we are merely passing judgment on another human being; and what does the Universe attract to you during your assumptions? A situation similar to the judgment made with the feelings you attached to the assumption.

Most people fail to realize that they are judging, and it is important to recognize this when you perceive another and your perception of them is negative. Allow others to create and live his or her life, while you stick with yours. If you discover a situation that you personally wouldn?t care to make part of your life, make sure to observe it without judgment. You cannot assume what another’s life is like without having walked in their shoes. It?s an old saying, but it?s true nonetheless.

This goes for family as well.

You may assume that you know everything there is to know about your siblings, and you feel that their decisions aren’t exactly what you would have arrived at. But no one knows exactly why another chooses they path they do, or makes the decisions that to you appear inadequate. But you haven’t experienced life as they have. You have only experienced their lives through the perceptions that feel comfortable and understandable to you.

If your perception is defined by seeing the positive in everyone, the positive will return via the law of attraction to you. If, on the other hand, your perception recognizes the negative in everyone and in most situations, then the negative will be the payoff you can expect. It really is that simple. Perceptions with feelings attached are a powerful motive force toward speeding up the law of attraction.

Love others for who they are; not for who you wish them to be.

Get Over The Fear Of Rejection – Tips For Men

If you have been rejected more than a few times you know that something creeps over you that tells you to get bitter and stop trying because it tells you that you will never get the woman of your dreams. Your job is to silence this voice with these few tips on how to get over the fear of rejection and have a robust dating life.

1. It is not about you

It is possible to get over this fear of rejection once you realize that it is not about you but about the other person. You will feel the fear but do it anyway and not let this fear stop you from approaching a woman.

2. Forget Yesterday

When you see a woman that catches your eye, make your move immediately and do not give into any of the negative thoughts that you will be rejected because you have been rejected in the past. Just simply walk up to the woman and introduce yourself, and offer to buy her a drink. If she agrees, great. If she rejects you, move on to the next.

This technique is mainly effective because when you react without thinking, you give your mind zero chance to come up with reasons why you should not go for it. Live in the power of now.

3. Eye on the Prize

Keep your eye on the prize which is finding the woman of your dreams. This will help you block out all negative thoughts that would otherwise hinder your self confidence and lead to low self esteem. Men that are successful with women understand the concept that how they feel inside is portrayed on the outside. Other people will be able to sense your insecurity which has the effect of pushing people away.

4. You never know unless you try

No man is ever successful all the time so do not take your failures to heart. Get out there and start mingling.

Allowing the fear of rejection to cripple your dating life will not get you anywhere.

Law Of Attraction: Setting Your Preferences For Maximum Attraction

Would life be different if you believed that everything you love and enjoy is just right for you?

What would happen if you knew yourself so well you could say with confidence, “No thank you, I prefer…”

How would you look at others if you really understood that their choices are perfect for them?

the law of attraction teaches us to recognize our personal preferences by noticing how things feel and asking ourselves, “Which feels better? This or that?” When we take the time to notice our feelings, we learn about ourselves in a way that leads to great personal freedom and happiness.

Before I learned about the law of attraction and how I attract people, situations and opportunities in complete accord with my vibration (vibes), I tried to live by a set of standards or principles. I remember a time when I asked my pastor if he could give me a list of these principles so I could make sure I was living the right way. I did everything I could to be the perfect mother, dutiful housewife and selfless Christian. I thought that by conforming to what other people expected, I would become happy, too. I was NOT a happy, joyful person. I was a person in great emotional and eventually physical, pain.

But the law of attraction taught me to notice when something doesn’t feel good, because that feeling of discomfort is an indicator that something is NOT good for me. Anything out of alignment with who I am and all the purposes I came to fulfill will NOT feel good. WOW! I had been placing my hand on a hot stove and trying to feel comfortable with the pain. I’d lived with chronic emotional and physical pain for so long that I was becoming numb to it. (A third degree burn is painless because all the nerve endings are burned away.)

One day, the truth finally dawned on me: Only I can choose what is best for me. No one can tell me what is good for me — only I can tell. And the way I tell is by noticing how everything feels, then looking for the thought, answer, idea or thing that feels best.

“Good feels good. Bad feels bad.” Abraham-Hicks

Knowing and honoring my personal preferences causes me to fulfill ALL my life purposes — naturally. Everything I set out to do during this lifetime is already programmed within me. The way I “read the program'” is to notice what brings me great joy and follow that lead. In fact, this is the shortest and easiest way to find fulfillment. Before I learned about the Law of Attraction, I felt like I had lost 30 years of my life by trying to endure a poor marriage. But within 5 years of applying the law of attraction in the way described in this article, I felt caught up on life. About two years ago, I had a profound realization: “Today, I am exactly where I would be, if I had done the first 55 years of my life differently.” That is a GREAT feeling!

Now I tell my students: “Your personal preferences are as unique to you as your fingerprints. Only you can do certain things in this life and your preferences are there to guide you into actually living life in the most joyfully satisfying way!”

What about you? Are you seeing yourself in this light? Have you wondered why you don’t fit in with the crowd? Are you ready to accept yourself and your preferences as being right for YOU?

Copyright (c) 2008 Rebecca Hanson

Getting Over Your Break Up The Five Steps Of Recovery

Just as there are stages of grief when mourning someone who has died, there are also steps that must be taken when getting over a break up. One woman whose first husband died and second husband divorced her said that it was actually easier getting over the death of a husband than it was recovering from divorce. That is because there?s societal support when someone dies, but you are supposed to go about getting over break up on your own.

First: You should do is sit down and write a long letter to your ex. Pour out your heart. Share the experiences you had together. Tell him or her why you loved them. Put on paper how you feel about the break up. Call them names. It?s okay to emote in this letter because no one is ever going to see it. That is because you are going to light a candle and burn the letter over the candle?s flame. There are not many rituals that go along with breaking up, but this one can help you on the road to emotional recovery.

Second: You need to arrange to exchange stuff. If you have been in a relationship of any length, you probably have some stuff of his at your place and he?s got your things at his. You probably want much of this stuff back and he or she is equally eager to get theirs. Work out a time for a mutual exchange.

If there are things of your ex?s that aren?t going to be exchanged, either box them up or throw them away. Don?t leave your ex?s toothbrush lying around the bathroom because it will only remind you of them as you are trying to go about getting over the break up.

Third: It is also a good idea to box up any gifts your ex gave you for a time. Wearing a watch that your ex gave you will make you think of them every time you check to see what time it is. That?s just not a good idea when getting over a break up.

Fourth: There are sometimes financial matters that need to be straightened out when getting over a break up. If you owe your ex money, try to either pay it off from your own funds or get another loan to pay it off. If you have a checking account together, work out how you are going to divvy it up and then go to the bank to close it.

What you should be seeing is a pattern of closing out the parts of your lives that you shared. This is essential to getting over break up.

Fifth: After you have done what is necessary, agree to have no contact for thirty days. This will allow you to start building separate lives. You shouldn?t call, text, email, or meet the other person during this time. You may even want to agree that some places such as a specific bar or even a given church ?belong? to one party or the other during this month long period.

After you have had time to begin building a separate life, you will be able to interact more normally once again. This is a difficult time, so give yourself the space you need in order to go about getting over a break up.

Getting over a break-up, even an amicable one, can be a lonely road but you just have to get through each step and each day ? one at a time.

Alignment Tips For Manifesting Money

The purpose of this article is to provide you with several ways in which you can get yourself into alignment with manifesting more money.

The first thing you need to do is realize that to manifest more money, you must feel abundant already. If you feel poor, miserable and penniless then that is what you?ll attract more of.

Feeling happy and abundant isn?t hard work at all. In fact its lot?s of fun and really very easy. It just so happens that most people have practised being miserable, poor and penniless for such a long time that it has become habitual for them.

How does having more money make you feel?


Whatever it makes you feel, that is the feeling we need to go after in order to manifest more money into your life. After all, if money makes you happy, then if we feel happy NOW, then you?ll already be in alignment with money and therefore manifestation can take place.

What can you do NOW, to make you feel happy?

Watch a funny film?
Go see your happy friend?
Take a walk in the forest?
Read a book?
Speak to your boyfriend/girlfriend?
Take a day off work?
Eat a pizza?

The above is now your work. If you want more money, and happiness is what you will feel when you get more money, then happiness is the feeling you must go after in every possible moment so that you?re in alignment with your desire.

It really is that simple.

Do whatever is necessary to get yourself there.
Abundance is your birth right.

What To Do to Find Great Personal Injury Attorneys for Your Claim

Finding a highly experienced personal injury attorney seems to be very easy at first glance. However, it is not in practice. There are countless experienced attorneys you can consider. Some are simply a whole lot better than others. It is really important to find one who is very good. This is especially the case when you do not know the difference between personal injury vs bodily injury. With this in mind, if you want to find the best attorneys for your case, here are some things to consider. 

Acquaintances And Friends

The first thing to do is to talk to people you trust, like your coworkers, friends, or family members who you can trust. If you know someone who was represented by a personal injury attorney in the past, see if they were satisfied with the services offered. You will surely be given an adequate and correct response. However, this does not mean you should always blindly trust the advice offered. There is always a possibility your case is different. Just use this information as a starting point. 

When you eventually contact the attorneys, make sure to see if you like their personality and style. Never hurry up when you make your final decision. 

Online Lawyer Directories

There are several trustworthy lawyer directories available on the internet right now. You can visit them to get a lot of information about those attorneys who are servicing your area. This is actually a great way to find very good options because of the fact that the directories either allow clients to write reviews or automatically double-check everyone who is listed to guarantee very high quality. 

Other Attorneys

You can also find great referrals for experienced personal injury attorneys when you dealt with lawyers in the past. For instance, if you got a divorce or you had to deal with some sort of financial legal problem, you can always go to them for a chat. Lawyers know each other and some will surely make some recommendations. You can use these recommendations and add them to the list of the personal injury attorneys you can consider. 

Referral Services

The local bar associations use some sort of referral services. They offer lawyer names based on legal specialty and availability. The only problem is we are talking about a referral system, which means the site will get a commission for the work that is referred. As a result, there may be some sort of extra reason why a referral is referred. With this in mind, it is really important that you take all the recommendations with a grain of salt. 

Also, remember that referral services do not give you insights into the philosophy of the law firm. As an example, you do not know if the lawyer you hire will spend some extra hours as they have to teach you how to act to increase your compensation. And you do need as much information as possible in order to choose someone who you fully trust will help you to get the outcome you surely desire. 

Understanding The Law Of Attraction Through Personal Development

The law of attraction has been around for years but maybe you’ve just become aware of its popularity and could be wondering how to incorporate it’s principles into your life.

In order to correctly apply this law one must first understand what the Law of Attraction means and what it’s direct principles are. Lucky for you they’re pretty simple and easy to understand.

The first thing that you learn from the Law of Attraction is that “Negative attracts negative and positive attracts positive”. It also states that the Universe (God, Most High, etc.) can understand our subconscious mind and presents things according to the way that we are some real simple strategies from the Law of Attraction that will turn in joy, happiness and positive rewards:

1. Always show gratitude – For you to apply the Law of Attraction on a continuous basis, you have to always give thanks. No matter what we must profess thanks for everything that we have up to this point in life. In order to be rewarded with positive things you have to sincerely practice gratitude on a continuous basis. A great way to practice gratitude on a daily basis is to give thanks every morning when we rise and at night before going to bed each day. Our subconscious mind is most receptive during these times of the day providing better results of the Law of Attraction. Predicating gratitude reminds us of all of the good things that we have in life and keeps us humble.

2. Dodge Negative Feelings and Thoughts – Like most people your life is stress filled and extremely hectic at times so it’s easy for you to become negative and frustrated about the situation and issues you’re in. The principles of the Law of Attraction teach us to redirect those feelings immediately by simply thinking about something that makes us feel good like a song or person. Don’t forget that negative attracts negative and positive attracts positive. Because of this we must practice focusing on positive things and not the negative. Focusing on the negative will only attract more negative into your existence. For example, if you feel over weight, instead of thinking about how much you hate the way you look, think about how you would look at your perfect weight. There are people all around the world who live a positive existence; those are the kind of people that you must imitate.

3. Speak What You Want – According to the Law of Attraction, you can speak things into existence. Meaning that if you request it, it will be given to you. Do you want a successful business, love, children, financial freedom? You can have any of these things, you just have to request it through your subconscious. For instance, if you’d like wealth brought into your existence, you must truly picture yourself with wealth in your life. Imagine how happy you would be, the smile on your face while living the good life of wealth. Remember to be sincere and really see what it is that you want to exist in your life. Only real positive energy will attract more positive things.

Our subconscious is a powerful tool and the Law of Attraction proves that to us. If used correctly it can provide us with all of our heart’s desires.

Apply the principles of the Law of Attraction with an open heart and your life will be rewarded with many positive things.

The Secret Of The Strangest Secret

With all the hype and publicity about “The Secret” nowadays I thought I’d take a few moments and let you know about “The Secret” from the 1950s. The Strangest Secret was originally a CD recording by Earl Nightingale given to a seminar of insurance agents in his absence while he was away on vacation. It went on to sell a million records with very little publicity and some say became the foundation of the personal development industry.

So what’s the Strangest Secret anyways?

The Strangest Secret is that, “we become what we think about.” That’s it. The beauty is it’s simplicity. It’s like Ernest Hemingway’s “fewest best words” writing style. If that was all that the message said, that would be enough.

Earl Nightingale was not the first to discover this message either. Many of the great thinkers of our past had made a similar discovery of how our thoughts affect our lives. This goes for both positive thoughts and negative thoughts as well. Norman Vincent Peale in the Power of Positive Thinking made a similar discovery and helped millions change their thoughts and habits and lead better lives. Plastic surgeon and author Maxwell Maltz explained all about how our thoughts and self image had a lasting impact on our results in life in his book Psycho-Cybernetics.

So how do we become what we think about?

The Strangest Secret is that we become what we think about. What exactly does that mean and how does that affect you? If all you feed your mind is negative thoughts and feelings of sorrow and how you never get a break in life, you shouldn’t be surprised when you never get a break in life or get stuck on all the red lights when you’re already late for work. It’s because that’s all your thinking about and what you think about you attract.

If you think about negativity, you will attract it. If you think about positivity, that’s precicesly what you’ll get. That’s the way the law of attraction works.

The one concrete idea that Earl uses to get this message across is that your brain is a field and you can choose to plant corn which is a healthy crop or you can plant nightshade which is a deadly poison. Which would you rather plant? This is what you do when you feed your mind with negative or positive thoughts. If you think negatively you will be essentially poisoning yourself day after day as long as you keep thinking this way. So you have to plant better crops or thoughts if you want to get more out of life.

But, on the flip side, if you think positively and fill your brain with positive thoughts and seeds you can expect to get positive results in your life. It won’t happen overnight. It didn’t take you a day to form a habit and it will take more than a day to form a new positive habit of thinking positively and reaching your goals.

So the secret of The Strangest Secret is that you will become what you think about and that if you think bad things keep happening to you they will and vice versa. It’s amazing how much control we actually have over our life and our own circumstances. And if you don’t like the circumstances in your life now, there’s a way to change them too…

The Law of Attraction â____ Life skills & You – Part Two (2)

In part One (1) to this two part article I spoke about a number of things that impact on our lives and so I’m going to repeat a little of what I spoke about again for those who may have missed this fist article.

In studying the Law of Attraction I have become very aware of the need for Life Skills. We need life skills that help us through the weekly grind of society if we are to be survivors. What are Life Skills and Why do I need them I hear you ask?. With the Law of Attraction we need to be in control of our life skills, our thoughts and action if we are to manifest that which the law of attraction is capable of manifesting for us.

This control is built up by us using Life Skills that we derive form or social environment, our learning and from our experiences from living day to day. Most of the learning takes place without our even being aware of it, apart from time spent at school. However this doesn’t prepare us for all that will challenge us during our lifetime. We need to develop our relationship with the universal laws and the law of attraction if we are to hold our sanity, so lets then look at our world around us and our Life Skills.

How many times in your life do you want to quit? How many times in your life do you simple wants to just give up? Or even worst, give up your life…

We all do it, or want to do it at some point. Giving up, quitting, it is such an easy emotion to accept at times. You know it, that “It’s just too hard” statement. We all experience it, hear our friends talk about and watch it happening in our workplace in the sports teams we interact with as a player or as a spectator.

So, you ask, “What do I do to not give up, and what do I do to keep going?”

Simple! Develop the Life Skills., The skills that will allow you to not only get through life, but to enjoy each and every minute, hour, day, week, month and the those beautiful years. It sound like a sales pitch doesn’t it? Well yes it is, because unless YOU DO IT no won else is going to do it for you because they can’t. Life skill development starts and ends with you.

The first and most important life skill that we covered in Part One(1) was to SMILE that’s it just smile.

At the end of the first of this two part article I gave the biggest reason you have to smile. The one thing in life that is yours forever. The greatest race you will ever run and the race that you where the million to one winner despite all that mother nature did to prevent it.

I want to in this second part of this article on Life Skills, You and The Law of Attraction, to build on the from this motivational event in your life and deal with;

Motivation Within Yourself

Motivation, is such a common word now a days, it’s such an overused term. We all know people who attended a motivational course either through work or personal development programs. The day after they are fire breathing go getters, but after a month they are back to their normal self showing that it didn’t actually work! If you were to ask me about how effective motivational courses were when I first started attending personal development seminars etc, I would have agreed with you on their value. But today, I’ve realize and discovered that this is further from the truth.

When I talk about Motivation training, I do not mean doing all the yelling, jumping, walking on the fire, feeling the ‘high’ that you get from most motivational seminars. They are the reason why most people were back to their old self and habits in just weeks after the ‘motivational’ seminar. You cannot sustain that level of hype brought about by settings, lighting and actions of others around you. What I’m talking about is Internal Motivation. The really hard stuff that only you can do for your self.


What motivate you? What moves you? What excites you? What stir the emotions in you that make you develop ‘goose bumps’? What’s keeps you enthusiastic?

For most people who want to become motivated it must start in part with a reality check. You need to sit somewhere quite and reflect on your life. Importantly you need to write down the points you think about, the good, the bad and those you want to forget. While your writing down these points try to write down how your emotions /senses responded to the situation. If you are a normal person the bad points will outnumber the good 7-10 time to the 1 good point. But that how it is right now. You should have about a page of hand written points and emotions for each year of your life if you are putting your mind to it. You have to search the memory and pull up those buried conflicts and feelings. So take your time, do it in three or four sessions, but do it.

Putting aside the good points for the moment, look at each of the bad days, review in your mind what was the issue, how was it handled and what did you learn/gain from the experience. You will always gain a positive, if only to not have it happen again. In not letting it happen again you will have taken steps to avoid it, redirect it, to control it, so that control is in your hands in the future and that my friend is motivation within yourself, your life skill. A unknown quotation I have used for several years puts all of this into perspective and goes like this;

“My Success In Life Is Completely Determined By My Ability To Stay Focused, Motivated And To Stay Enthusiastic Toward An Uncommon Goal.”

If you notice, the key words here are, Stay Focus, Stay Motivated, Stay Enthusiastic, to an Uncommon Goal. This statement in fact comes from non other than, Mike Murdock. If you do not recognize the name do a Google search it’s worth the effort. Move your self to that uncommon goal, the ones that are yours. Remember it is our inner beliefs that is the foundation of all of our successes.

So, if you want to continue to enjoy life use these to key Life Skills, Smile and develop the Motivate within You. Combined with the Law of Attraction you will manifest all that you seek. Remain humble, think about the other person, give of your self and you will receive an abundance, which is far more than you give.

Ken Triat has a master’s degree in Business Administration. Currently reviewing personal development centered around the power of the mind using the Law of Attraction.

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How Positive Energy Can Change Your Life The Secret Law of Attraction

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Believe it or not, as human beings, we are transmitting positive or negative energy all the time. According to the law of attraction… those who are transmitting positive energy will attract positive things; likewise those who are transmitting negative energy will attract negative people.

“Birds of a feather flock together”

When you attract like-minded positive people, together you can focus on obtaining your desires. Positive people will encourage and support you. On the other hand, negative people will tell you that you can’t achieve your goals, and that they’re too hard or unreachable.

If you’re continually bombarded with negative phrases in your thinking, such as “I just can’t make ends meet,” “There’s never enough,” or “I just can’t seem to get ahead,” then you’re attracting more negativity into your life.

You see, life is too short… why focus ans waste our energy on negativity? Why not focus our energy on more positive things? You can train your mind to focus on positivity rather than negativity. Here are some tips to help you out…

1. Always try your best to look at the bright side of things. For instance, everybody has both the good and bad sides. Look at the good sides or positive qualitites in other instead of their negative attributes or faults. If you do that, you will be able to see things in a positive way and you will get positive response from others as well. Remember that the law of attraction is a two-way street.

2. Understand that you also have both the good and bad qualities. So you must train your mind to nurture your good qualities and suppress the bad ones. That’s how you influence yourself and others. Everything must start from your inner circle before you can influence something that is outside your circle.

3. Exercise compassion toward everyone, including yourself. Negative energy obsesses about unattainable goals. However, positive energy allows us to realize when we’re doing the best we can.

4. Keep an open mind and value others’ opinions. You can disagree with others’ views and share your view but refrain yourself to find faults in others’ opinion. Acknowledge others’ opinions and interpolate yours and then move on. Don’t waste your time trying to change someone else’s view because most of the time it is going to be futile and a waste of time and energy.

5. Refrain from judging. Give others the benefit of the doubt. Negative energy is critical in judging others and loves finding fault. Judging produces negative energy and attracts more of the same back to you.

6. Say what you mean and mean what you say! Express your true self in thoughts, words, and actions.

7. Don’t be afraid to admit to having occasional negative thoughts and emotions. We’re all human, and negative thoughts are a part of human nature. The key is not to nurture or dwell on them.

8. Celebrate the success and happiness of others. Negative energy is jealous, but positive people are thrilled when others succeed. Use someone else’s success as a motivator to make you a better person.

9. Help yourself by helping others. If you focus your energy to help others to improve their lives; you will also improve your own life because the law of attraction is a two-headed beast; it can attract both the good and the bad things. If you help others to do good things, you will do good things… and vice versa.

10. When you fall get up! Do not bemoan or dwell on your past failure; learn from it, use it to improve yourself and move forward. Life is short so please concentrate more on what you can do to live a more purposeful life rather than bemoaning what you don’t have or what you have been suffering from. Help is abundance out there but the first step to get help is to get up, stay up so that you can see it!

In this article, I have shared with you a lot of great tips on how to focus your energy on the positive things instead of the negative ones. If you follow and apply the tips that I have just shared, you will find yourself able to live more happily and abundantly in life. Trust me on this… The law of attraction works if you work on it in a positive way! I hope you enjoy this article.

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